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And Unto You, My Love


A blade of grass, a blade of steel

A poison or puncture I’d never feel.

Surrounds me, my fate

And love unsurpassed

I’m with you this night

I wish it could last.


A scream in the dark, a melancholy cry

Can only be caused by dividing you and I.

I feel it, your grief

A thousand tears

If I could take it all back

I would, my dear.


A pain so deep, so selflessly bore

In your soul I’m alive for evermore.

And in me, no peace

But a passion once slain

And unto you, my love

I’d die again.


Forgive all my wrongs, a plea so true

My heart will forever belong to you.

And beside you, it’s me

Yet I’m gone to the eye

I’m sorry, sweet angel

I cry. I cry.



Lyrics – ©2015 StageFreak Productions





The time has come

Knowing eyes meet

Butterflies flutter

Their wings miss a beat

A candle flickers

Dancing on skin

Gazes like fire

From passion within


The touch is eternal

Nerve endings alight

Burning with desire

Filling this night

Hearts pound faster

Pulse rapping a beat

Love is our drug

As our lips finally meet


Experience the rush

Nothing can compare

Goosebumps remain

On cool skin so bare

Looking up above

A star crosses the sky

But Heaven is reached

On Earth here tonight


Hands move slowly

Limbs are entwined

Instincts take over

The body and mind

Time slowing down

As two climb as one

Rising so high

Intense as the sun


We scream out together

Succumb to defeat

The feeling can’t linger

So powerful the heat

Akin to a flame

A clinging embrace

Hearing your breath

So close to my face


It’s totally magic

This bearing of souls

To us, a beginning

Of futures untold

And now we hold on

A contented sigh

The world is so empty

It’s just you and I



Lyrics – ©2015 StageFreak Productions

My Human Condition


ego on your shoulder

Stop playing with my mind

I wish you’d disappear

Repetitive self-doubt

Your handy little sidekick


No matter how hard it seems

I try to catch you out

Belatedly self-confident

You drag me down again


You’re killing off my moment

I relish in the challenge

Completely self-empowered

You’ll cower in the Now


An open heart has freedom

I feel the growing compassion

Replacing self-deprecation

The present, rushing back


I cannot rest on victory

For I know you will return

Pushing self-Awareness

With the Pattern of my life


A part of me to conquer

And step by step I move

Tentative self-confidence

That I will win the fight


So take your shame and go

Fall down from my shoulder

Relinquishing self-debate

My eyes are open once more.


Lyrics – ©2015 StageFreak Productions

Laid To Rest



Not a single sound

From below the ground

All I found

Was deathly silence.

Now that I’m here

All that I fear

Has disappeared

In a single second.

And every pain

That has ever stained

The blood in my veins


I lost the fight

But it feels all right

That it ended tonight

In my bed.

It’s funny but I

Can look at the sky

And don’t need my eyes

To see it.

A truth to be told

Our memories on hold

My tears so cold

In my still heart.

There’s plenty of time

In this new world of mine

I haven’t a dime

But it doesn’t matter.

I’ll be with you again

So don’t rush to the end

‘Cos I’ll wait until then

Anything for you.

You’ll forever have my love

Being apart is so tough

I miss you enough

To kill me again.

I hear stolen notes

Of songs that we wrote

A lump in my throat

If I had one.

I wish I had said

I love you but instead

It’s too late, I’m dead

You can’t hear me.

So now I feel peace

Any panic has long ceased

I miss you but at least

You’re in my heart.


Lyrics – ©2015 StageFreak Productions

The Journey



There’s darkness in the crevice of the past

I’m astounded I made it this far

To an avenue of light that shines on my face

An imprint appearing on a wondering thought


I breathe and live in gratitude

To finding oneself, an elusive gift

My imagination knows no boundaries

Alas, a journey covering so many years


Each moment like a droplet of rain

Hanging temptingly from a weakened leaf

The tears soaked to my very core

As I arrive in this day and time


I savor the existence I’m feeling now

Few haunting memories remain in the depths

But in twisting them to give me strength

Never will I return to the agony of despair


Writing the present is uplifting my being

Blue eyes rise to the sky in thanks

Though I must look to myself for the conqueror

Still, acknowledgement of a loving hand


Guiding me to the mysterious Now

I stand in clarity at crossroads of choices

Forcing me to ponder the intricacies of life

How the fates could steal my influence away


The future is something I cannot see

I won’t mourn for an unattainable plan

No words to carve into the dark rock

For my heart will undoubtedly know what’s right


So I move on, brush past adjoining souls

Every second, a fork in the unending road

The fear of choice will be pushed aside

And I’ll willingly journey forth once more


Lyrics – ©2015 StageFreak Productions

The Blinding Light



If the world gets to a point

Where we see the blinding light

The lucky ones won’t remember

The rest will lose their sight


There are those who will know

And save themselves in this event

But we will have a blissful ignorance

No goodbyes will be sent


If mankind must prepare

For this self made war

In this nuclear nightmare

What’s our existence for?


There are people here on earth

Without a cent to their name

Sometimes I wish we were all like that

We couldn’t play this deadly game


We really should not have

These weapons at our disposal

Disarm them, every single one

And think of a better proposal


This war can never happen

This can never be

Can’t just push that button

Is there a way to make them see?


In times of disagreement

Why turn to mass destruction?

With so much power and money

Force your hand with positive action


What kind of message

Do you want to leave behind?

Our children are the future?

Or that we destroyed humankind?


There’s no way that it’s right

If the world’s in a downward spiral

But if it ends, make sure you spare me

The horror of survival


Lyrics – ©2015 StageFreak Productions




You hold it in your hands

A control over body and mind

You could crush me in a second

And I give you all the power


I’m helpless when you’re near

I ache when I’m alone

Drowning in your eyes

I succumb to the feeling


Take the precious gift

And protect my fragile heart

For it is yours completely

Given freely in my weakness


I just can’t help myself

Even though I’m always strong

Your love is food for my spirit

And I’d die without the taste


You said these words to me

Like looking in a mirror

I return them to your soul

And life within you flows


It’s not a dream I’m dreaming

You’re here, wearing a smile

And while our hearts beat together

Our souls recharge for the next


In the infinite years ahead

We travel ever forward

Moment by moment we breathe

And I live for every one


A miracle to have found you

In the vastness of this life

But here we are, my love

We’ll never be apart


Lyrics – ©2015 StageFreak Productions



Did you ever see a vision?

A psychotic apparition

Did you ever catch a glimpse?

From the corner of your eye


Did you think that you saw something?

A shadowed image moving

Did you think that you were crazy?

And ask yourself, God why?


And lookin’ left to right

Something steps out of the light



The memories of last lives

Will haunt you if you stay

Or the demon of premonition

Will lead your mind astray

And if you ever wonder

What you saw yesterday

You’ll never get out alive

Never get out alive


Did you ever feel the need?

To leave before they bleed

Did you ever hear the screaming?

And your head pounds as they cry


Did you need to run away?

But dark passions make you stay

Did you need to win the fight?

Or lose the will to try


And lookin’ left to right

Someone movin’ out of sight



The memories of last lives

Will haunt you if you stay

Or the demon of premonition

Will lead your mind astray

And if you ever wonder

What you saw yesterday

You’ll never get out alive

No, never get out alive


Lyrics – ©2015 StageFreak Productions

On The Field

 on the field2


Called up so young… you say you’re no hero

But still you feel a pride when you’re dropped in ground zero

Bullets pass your head like an unpredictable rain

You lose another soldier… you shout out in vain


If I can see you, my friend, I will try to be your shield

But if you don’t make it, I will look for you on the field


Now we’ve lost so many, our side is wearing thin

Such bravery was here… can we ever win?

The answer isn’t war, but I must fight or I will drown

Explosions break my thought. Another soldier is down.


If I can see you my friend, I will try to be your shield

But if you don’t make it, I will look for you on the field


Now I feel a panic and a stinging in my back

The deafness getting louder, I think we’re under attack

I feel myself get weaker… don’t want to bleed alone

Somebody please help me… I just wanna go home


So if you see me my friend, please try to be my shield

And if I don’t make it, just look for me on the field


Lyrics – ©2015 StageFreak Productions